e2e5781b-ed23-4531-89e7-f717ed02ca27Jiggy is a complete bundle of fun! He loves and adores people! It will take him a minute to warm up but once he does WATCH OUT because he will steal your heart in seconds! Jiggy is a pleaser. He wants to do good with everything he does. He is very food motivated and willing to learn. He can be stubborn, which most bulldogs are (which is what we believe he is mixed with). He will need a handler with patience and experience in the bulldog breeds. Due to his antics and energy I would suggest he no be placed with children under 15 years. He does well with female dogs but really would prefer he be the only dog. I would not suggest him in a home with cats either. Jiggy loves to chew on Nylabones, loves to fetch a Jolly Ball and when he’s all tired out will snuggle up to his favorite people and keep ya warm at night! For more information click HERE