Jet (Jetsam) is an elegant and beautiful older dog who was found wandering the streets of Houston after hurricane Harvey. He may have been scavenging to stay alive for a while. He was kept in a shelter there for 45 days with the hope that he would be reclaimed by his owner, but that never happened. He arrived in Michigan after a transport that was extended three days. He was transported with his friend flotsam or Flo. Jet is timid and quite thin, in his foster home he didn’t eat much at first and would often cower with his tail between his legs during the first days. He is eating better now and will hopefully gain some weight. Jet has a heart of gold which is gradually opening up to trust more fully. He is sedate and serious most of the time-occasionally he seems lost like he doesn’t quite know what is happening, but he also likes to be petted gently. He is housebroken and likes walks in the woods and through the town. He is in the process of learning sit and stay both of which seemed to be foreign concepts at first. He did once jump up onto the table and lick the plates after breakfast so you may need to watch not leaving him unsupervised with such temptations. He is quick to get down from any furniture if you ask him and seems to have a genuine desire to do the right thing. He does not always come when called and often seems to be looking for someone or an escape from the yard or house but the two times he succeeded in escaping he came right back and cried to be let in. Jet is a full grown older dog, looks like a German Shepard puppy and on occasion with his friend Flo (Flotsam) the foster sister he plays like a puppy, as he acclimates this happens more and more often. Jet and Flo were transported from Texas together and then fostered together, they sleep together at night in the same crate, often walk side by side on walks like a team of well trained horses. They often groom each other during the day. The two dogs together are the size of one medium to small dog and it might be nice if they stayed together.

Terrier corgi dachshun mix ??
approx 8 Years old
14 lbs
Microchipped: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Up to date on vaccines: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unsure
Good with children: Unsure
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Leash trained: Yes
Heartworm Negative and on preventative
Energy Level: Low
Temperament: Somewhat Submissive
Adoption Fee: $225
If you need more information on Jet you can email questions to his foster family at