fosterdogpoemDivine Canine supplies you with crates, bedding, food, dishes,  leashes, and collars. As well as pays for vetting and medical care. The more homes open to foster, the more dogs saved from shelters and off the streets. Please consider and then submit an application HERE

“I always  said “I couldn’t do it”.Then one day I said ..If I don’t  who will? I foster dogs because I can be their lifeline instead of death sentence. The dog I foster opens a cage for the next homeless  pet.I foster because  while I do realize  I can’t  save them all I CAN save one at a time.I foster because I get to love dogs hold dogs train dogs at no expense  to me.I foster because I am allowed to meet evaluate and make sure they go into a loving home I have prepared them for. While the tears do fall EVERYTIME  one of my fosters go…..Those  tears fall right into the fur of the next  abandoned  scared homeless dog that needs me now.I watch them grow into what they are MEANT  to be…A DIVINE CANINE …… Margie ….10 successful  fosters and 1 happy foster fail.”

“I once said to myself “Oh, I could never foster. It is too hard to give them up.  Take on a different mindset that you are saving a life and then can make room to save another! Our family has had two foster puppies and we had an awesome experience with each one!  It is bittersweet in that you have to give them up, but the sweetest part is when they go to their Furever Home with a wonderful family!  You get to see the connection first hand.  It warms our hearts!  Each one holds a special place in our hearts and will forever be remembered.  We reminisce often on memories of each one.  My daughter especially enjoys fostering.  We get to enjoy them for a period of time and then we watch them spread their wings!” – Kristin

“My own two personal dogs were both rescued, one from a kill shelter in Georgia and the other Divine Canine had pulled from a local animal control. These two dogs have given me such joy and love in my life it is almost too much for me to think they might have just become two more dogs killed to make room for new dogs coming into the shelters. My dogs are the ones that made me consider fostering. I want to give other unwanted animals the opportunity to become loved members of a family. Fostering means bringing a dog into your home and loving it like you do your own dogs, showing them what it is like living in a home, working on manners and possibly housebreaking. It’s painful letting them go when the time comes, but it’s made easier when you know they are going someplace that’s their very own and they will have their own family to love them. Fostering is just such an incredibly rewarding experience for both the dog and the human!”-Mary

“I foster because I can.  I foster because if fulfills something in me that was missing.  I foster to change 1 dog’s whole world.  I foster for the tears I’ve shed for those I couldn’t help.  I foster for the peace it brings me in knowing that I am doing something towards the greater good.  I foster for the reactions of the dogs when they meet their forever family.  I foster to watch a once scared dog slowly figure out what it means to be part of a family, have a soft bed to sleep on, and a warm home to be in, a ball to play with and a full belly at night.  I foster to watch the light bulbs go on in their little heads and their faces light up with “what’s next?  I want to learn more!”  My experiences have been wonderful to date.  I cry over the thought of them leaving, and cry when they do leave, but at the same time, I can’t wait for the next one and to start the process all over again.” -Lori