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Flo (Flotsam) (Tan doggy) is a scrappy little dog who looks like Dobby the house elf from the Harry Potter series and besides the similar physical attributes has the energy and mischief to match. Flo, who has a notched ear from some past mishap, a pronounced snuggle tooth, and a coat of loose skin was found wandering the streets of Houston after hurricane Harvey. She may have been scavenging to stay alive for a while, because when she first arrived at her foster home she leaped on the table several times to see what she could get and once during a moment of inattention managed to get an entire pot roast. Flo was kept in a shelter in Houston for 45 days with the hope that she would be reclaimed by her owner, but that never happened. She arrived in Michigan after a transport that was extended three days traveling in a crate with her her friend Jetsam, (Jet). They have been together since. Flo is a love bucket and full of affection. She absolutely loves to snuggle. She must have come from a home where she was well loved. She is a very smart dog with a strong stubborn streak in the process of learning basic obedience. There were a few accidents at first, but it has been weeks, she doesn’t like the cold or rain, and when she discovered on a cold and rainy day that the basement had a concrete floor and was basically like a dog shelter floor she and Jet both thought they would use those facilities, it hasn’t happened since. Flo can get cold her hair is very short. She should probably be outfitted with a jacket for winter. Flo has just gotten to the point with her foster where she can be off leash for short periods while walking trails in the woods. She expresses her absolute joy as she dashes through the woods ahead on the trail and then makes a skidding halt and comes back to the foster like a galloping ball of butter again and again. She wears a huge dog smile and a waggy tail- her happiness is contagious.

Pug chihuahua terrier
approx 8 Years old
14 lbs
Microchipped: Yes
Spayed: Yes
Up to date on vaccines: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unsure
Good with children: Unsure
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Leash trained: Yes
Heartworm Negative and on preventative
Energy Level: Average
Temperament: Somewhat Dominant
Adoption Fee: $225
If you need more information on Flo you can email questions to his foster family at lucy.silverio@gmail.com